Multi Family

We combine our design expertise and knowledge of zoning restrictions and building codes with our strong relationships with local administrators and boards to achieve a financially-viable, sustainable, livable solution for all future inhabitants.

Commercial/ Civic Projects

Our expertise includes every detail, from new concepts to tenant improvement, restaurants to retail, we can help guide you through all aspects of the project including selecting the right color palette or direction on interior design.

Interior Projects

Our interior designs are meant to spark emotion while providing comfort, accessibility, and functionality. Whenever possible, we incorporate sustainable materials and passive design strategies.

Public Art Projects

We believe communities can come alive with art in public spaces. We know, first hand, that a carefully placed artwork can anchor an entire neighborhood.

SparkFlight Studios Additional Consulting and Creative Services

Project Design & Management | Programming | Fundraising Videos | Sustainable Design Integration | Design & Construction Administration | BIM Management | Rendering | Engineering Coordination| ADA/FHA Accessibility

Sparkflight Studios is on a mission to fashion objects, spaces and buildings deeply and emotionally connected to their social and cultural contexts. As they like to say, design for humans.

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