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Sparkflight Studios is a full-service Architecture and Design studio in Henderson, NV. Established in 2004, the Sparkflight team is committed to integrating sustainable practices into the civic, commercial, residential and public art spaces.

Our firm’s architectural design philosophy is driven by the inherent, emotional connection between people and their environments. We approach each project organically, understanding that every urban space, new or repurposed building, pier and bridge must fold seamlessly into their surroundings and enrich the landscape.

A registered Architect in California and Nevada, Sparkflight’s Principal Anne Johnson has more than 23 years of experience developing project-specific management teams that speak directly to the design. She works closely with her team and trusted outside consultants to deliver results and create transparency in the process.

Commercial Design

Our expertise includes every detail, from new concepts to tenant improvement, hospitality to retail, we can help guide you through all aspects of the project including selecting the right color palette or direction on interior design.


We consider your home to be deeply personal, our objective is to capture you in your element. Creating a design that naturally enhances the quality of your everyday life.

Public Art

We believe communities can come alive with art in public spaces. We know, first hand, that a carefully placed design can anchor an entire neighborhood.

Customer Says

Sparkflight Studios is on a mission to fashion objects, spaces and buildings deeply and emotionally connected to their social and cultural contexts. As they like to say, design for humans.

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1489 W Warm Springs Rd, Henderson, NV 89014, Phone:702.553.3323 Fax:702.995.9245
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